The ACSC4HD University College London Academic Team


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UCL - London

The Institute foundational academic team incorporates inter-disciplinary experts from UI and UCL in areas that range from in the clinical, social, life, population, psychological, physical, engineering and computational sciences. The breadth and dept of the team has already been successful in engaging with other academic centres in the West and South sub-Saharan African region and will focus on extending those to other academic centres across the whole region.

UCL Computer Science

  • John Shawe-Taylor (Machine Learning, Intelligent Systems) Head UCL-CS
  • D. Fernandez-Reyes (Digital Health, Intelligent Systems, Digital Pathology)
  • Ifat Yasin (Assistive Mobile Devices, Auditory Psychophysics)
  • Licia Capra (Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Cities, Software Engineering)
  • Daniel Alexander (Medical Imaging Computing) Director of CMIC
  • Catherine Holloway (Assistive Devices, Global Disability Hub)
  • Tomaso Aste (Financial Computing, Blockchain Tech, Digital Economy)
  • Fabio Caccioli (Financial Computing, Digital Economy)
  • Giacomo Livan (Financial Computing, Digital Economy)
  • Philip Treleaven (Financial Computing, Blockchain Tech, Fintech)
  • Ann Blandford (Digital Health, Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors)
  • Yvonne Rogers (Human Computer Interaction)
  • Iasonas Kokkinos (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Mark Herbster (Machine Learning)
  • David Barber (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Steve Hailes (Wireless and Autonomous Systems, Ubiquitous Computing)
  • Mandayan A. Srinivasan (Haptics, Robotics)
  • Vijay Pawar (Haptics, Robotics)
  • Mike Shaw (Haptics, Microscopy)
  • Muna Elmi (Haptics, Life-Science, Micro-electric-mechanical Systems)